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Highland Park Kokawa Camping Ground 2020

The garden represents the magnificent flow of the class A river Kinokawa which runs from Odaigahara the most rainy area in Japan.
The ups and downs of the front and back of the garden as well as the lanterns represent the rich nature of mountains, such as Ryumonyama, Katusragiyama and Koyasan, which watch over the garden.
The thinned green bamboo grows towards the sun, giving the message of believing in the future and moving forward despite any hardships. A deep green Takano Maki reminiscent of vitality is planted on the outer circumference, among them, autumn leaves and Sawafutagi shine vividly.
*KINOKAWA : The Kinokawa or redundantly Kinokawa River is a river in Nara and Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
**Kokawa : Kokawa was a town located in Naga District, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan