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Tokushinkai Nursing Home

The paths are wider than usual, and there are no steps, to allow easy access for wheelchair users.
The route is joyful and intriguing, with decorative panels that screen the view ahead.Each circuit of the path is about 125m, so if you complete eight laps, you will have walked around 1km. This makes it possible to walk with a goal in mind.We have also installed raised flower beds to allow everyone to enjoy the plants, and so that wheelchair users can smell and touch the plants and grow their own.
The garden has been designed with benches and flowerbeds for visitors to enjoy viewing the flowers in spring. As the coronavirus is still around and people are restricted from going out, the garden seems large so that people can enjoy it without feeling any need for contact with the outside world. In the future, using the garden will be part of the residents’ care plan.
The garden will be completed in spring when the grass is green and the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and the rose arches will be full
grown in two or three years which will provide shade as the climate becomes warmer.