Works for
Naga Minicipal Hospital 2020

This colorful and shiny garden art expresses the vitality of “light” which pours down; gently, “water” that flows gently, and “green of the Earth” where we live.
Visitors to the garden can sense the garden art regardless of age or gender For planting, we use ferns and moss that have been familiar to us in Japan for a long time, creating nostalgia and calmness for adults. Seventeen different colors are arranged on the planting space so that small children can enjoy the garden at their level.
* These 17 colors represent the Sustainable Development Goals, thanking medical and welfare workers for trying to make a sustainable society.
Regularity and irregularity coexist in the work, and the square planting tables gently wrap the curves to harmonize the whole
The cobblestones are arranged like a stream to express the flow of water, and the babbling of the stream flowing over the boulders can be enjoyed with your ears.